talkappPrivate communication

What is Talkapp?Comunicación Mobilep?

Talkapp no es una aplicación, sino el sistema para que cada organización tenga su propia mensajería instantánea con sus apps

It is a comprehensive communication system that uses a mobile application, available for iOS and Android, for both Smartphones and tablets. It is designed to enrich the communication in hotels, companies and other organisations in the tourism, academic and marketing fields.

Talkapp is a private business messenger system that allows communication from mobile phones, tablets, using either Android or IOS, or computers.

Your company’s application in the Android or IOS stores! We also will create the webchat, as well as the control web site!


¿Why Talkapp?

Talkapp characteristics



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Multi-Sector Audiences

  • Organisations
  • Hotels

talkappPrivate communication


  • IM at any application
  • IM for internal communication
  • IM with customers
  • For direct communication with the organization
  • Advertisements of the organization
  • User Ads
  • Ads from outside companies


  • Internal communication apps
  • Company Chat
  • Integration with flexible remuneration
  • Integration with expatriate management
  • IM of the company



  • Private messaging in event applications
  • Private messaging in business school applications
  • Private messaging in marketing applications
  • Private messaging in congress applications


Hotel communication app
Internal communication app
Tourist experience
Hotel Chat
IM for hotels
Mobile concierge
Virtual room service