Talkapp; Mensajería empresarial

What is talkapp companies?

It is a communication system for each company, usable on IOS, Android, Webchat

What is talkapp companies used for?

A company’s employees or clients will be able to contact each other using their mobile device or from a computer, as well as keeping in contact with the organisation. There are also different additional modules within the app that enrich and make your company’s internal communications and its commitment, more flexible, with complete security.

Why Talkapp?

  • -Individual communications system for each company
  • – Improvement of the company’s image
  • – Increase in feeling of team spirit
  • – Security (HTPPS communication, own servers)
  • – Confidentiality
  • – Privacy
  • – Total control of the system by the company
  • – Networking
  • – Improvement in internal communications
  • – Great tool for the company’s marketing
  • – Client loyalty
  • – Without any initial investment
  • – Affordable for any company/organisation

How can I obtain your Talkapp communication system?

Easily and affordably. Either contact us or your applications developer and we will configure the mobile application in line with your needs; we will customise the image with your corporate identity and…

You will have your own talkapp in the Apple Store and Google Play!



Talkapp companies

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