talkapp; Messenger characteristics

Características de Talkapp

  • Customisable: Your own application with your logos, colours, etc.
  • Secure: Maximum security guidelines on internet. https communications. If you wish, the company’s own servers can be used whenever they are:


  • Linux kernel version 3.10 or higher
  • CS DockerEngine version 1.10 or higher.


Operating systems supported to date

⁃CentOS 7.1/7.2 & RHEL 7.0/7.1/7.2

⁃ Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

⁃ SUSE Linux Enterprise 12


Characteristics of the servers

  • 2.00 GB RAM minimum
  • 25 Gb of disk space minimum
  • Static IP Address


  • Affordable: With no initial payment (only if there are extra customisations), pay method by monthly licence.
  • Talkapp The private messaging for your organization



Conoce talkapp empresas y su API

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Presentation of the Talkapp communication system and its API

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Main modules

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